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Breaking down the walls separating the “marketed to” and the marketer

One thing I often talk about is a vision I have of social media breaking down the wall that has existed for ages between the corporation’s marketing department and the great unwashed — that means you and me — on the other side of that wall.  The “marketed to.”  The social web has ushered in the potential for unprecedented collaboration between consumers and marketers.  It can potentially lead to an age in which companies don’t market to consumers, but instead, market with them, for the benefit of both.  And even possibly improve the image of marketing as a profession beyond its current position slightly above “used car salesmen.”  (No slight to used car salesmen intended.)

A recent study released by Forrester shows that this vision can become a reality.  As the title to a piece on ReadWriteWeb about the report says, Consumers Will Not Only Buy, They Will Help Create.  Indeed there are many consumers who say they would be willing co-creators, but not so many marketers who have chosen to take advantage of that fact.  According to the report, 61% of consumers would be ready to help companies design new products and improve existing ones.

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