Twitter for Madmen

I may be the last person who knows about this, but as I’m a fan of Madmen, I just had to share this in case it went by any other Madmen fans who read this blog.

Betty Draper is on Twitter.  (Latest Tweet: “Staring at myself in the toaster.”) So is Roger Sterling, Joan Harris and others.

Since the series started, fans of the show have created fictional Twitter accounts for there favorite Madmen characters.  In fact there are as many as 90, according to Brand Fiction Factory, a company that develops online content for brands and companies engaging with consumers through social media.  Indeed Brand Fiction Factory writers are the real world minds behind 16 of these accounts and they were recently named as a SAMMY Awards finalist in the category Best Twitter Branding Campaign for their Madmen endeavours. If I understand correctly, these writers weren’t paid, but created the content out of their love for the show, so this may be the first time we’ve seen a fan-based campaign recognized in this way.  That is if you can really call it a campaign.

Hat’s off to AMC, the company that produces Madmen, for recognizing the power behind this fan-based enthusiasm to intensify involvement and commitment to the series.  It’s amazing when you think about it.  The fans are extending the fictional narrative beyond television, and AMC has relinquished control and let them go with it.

I imagine Twitter could be used in a similar way for certain iconic brands to fuel the myth and stories that surround them and strengthen the emotional connection with their users.  What would The Marlboro Man tweet about, I wonder?  “Just back from the rodeo, my ass feels like silly putty and I need a bourbon and smoke.” He isn’t on Twitter.  (Although there is a real life cowboy from Nebraska who tweets under the name of marlboroman.) How does Betty Crocker manage to get through her day?  There is a Betty Crocker Twitter feed, but it’s hosted by the brand, not Betty herself.  Any thoughts on other brands that might do this?

By the way, you can also find Betty Draper on Linkedin, and she writes a blog.

Are we all going mad, men and women?


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5 responses to “Twitter for Madmen

  1. Great post, Steve. Thanks for the shout. Thought you’d like to know that @The_MarlboroMan is already alive and well and living in Twitterland. Pretty sure it’s fan-based. (!) @KFritz just did a blog post about him:

    As for other brands that engage in twittertainment, there’s @WhiteGold (for milk) and @Chex_Mix, both official brand-issued tweet streams. Glee (TV show) issues official character tweets
    and Trueblood’s fan-based character tweetfeeds like @SookieBonTemps are supported by the HBO-issued @TruebloodHBO which won a recent Shorty (Twitter) Award for Branding, along with @WholeFoods. (@BettyDraper was tickled to win in Innovation.)

    But I think brand fiction’s potential is largely untapped by marketers who aren’t yet taking advantage of this new, powerful way to tell a brand story.

  2. Stephen Rothman

    Hi Helen, thanks so much for the post and the links. Love your work as Betty! Hope to write soon in more detail about Brand Fiction Factory as it looks like a business model that’s right for these times. Might you be up for an interview? Will definitely check out @The_MarlboroMan and the other links.

  3. Thanks, Steve. Great blog. @BettyDraper and I are happy to chat anytime 😉

  4. ilia burlakov

    a saatchi london colleague brought me the angostura bitter from london and now i regularly do the old-fashioned cocktail at home now. this angostura thing is the key element there. ))

    three of them and i am out! i don’t understand how don did it during the day ))

  5. great blog. just imagine if twitter wasn’t created. and look how it influenced the public today. just like any social medias, twitter made a great impact and contributed a huge part in making every little thing possible. so, thanks for this blog and the information you have shared.

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