GM’s reinvention commercial on YouTube is as un-inventive as it gets

Fresh from filing for Chapter 11, GM has launched a video on YouTube about its vision for the future.

The commercial is a disaster. I call it a commercial because that’s exactly what is. The same old marketing cliches, hackneyed images, the stilted language of advertising (”This is not about going out of business, this is about getting down to business” — oh please!) — and not a shred of a fresh thought or any content beyond empty generalities to give anyone a sense of confidence that GM will reinvent itself successfully. If anything, this commercial, which is more or less interchangeable in content and tone with thousands of other corporate commercials, makes me feel the opposite. If GM is incapable of reinventing the way it communicates with its consumers and the general public, how will it reinvent anything? And to add insult to injury, comments about this spot on YouTube have been disabled. Another indication that GM just can’t figure out that the world has changed.

Did they show this video to Christopher Barger?



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3 responses to “GM’s reinvention commercial on YouTube is as un-inventive as it gets

  1. I didn’t hate this ad as much as I expected when I read the blog article. Admittedly there were cheesy elements, but also a sense of familiarity that I think it conveyed (the familiar and stereotypical imagery of strength, power, moving forward, green issues, etc). I think a question needs to be asked: for whom is the communication intended? If for shareholders (typically 55+, worried about investments in this climate) it may actually be the right approach. For me it did little/nothing, but maybe it could be effective for a different target?

  2. Stephen Rothman

    I honestly don’t think so Bryan. The main issue with this commercial in my opinion is that it contains nothing that provides real evidence that GM is ready to change or has a concept for the future that is different from the past. If anything, I think those of us above 50 are especially good at seeing through marketing cliches. And if this is the segment that they’re trying to reach, YouTube isn’t the first channel one would think of.

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