Obama launches the Citizen’s Briefing Book

Barack Obama’s use of social media and web 2.0 tools has been universally lauded as heralding a new era in political campaigning and acknowledged as playing a key role in his successful bid for the Presidency.  Since the election, however, it’s been much quieter on the Obama social media front.  And everyone has been speculating on how he will leverage the various online communities he built prior to the election to address the monumental challenges facing his administration, the country and the world, post-inauguration.

picture-21Enter the Citizen’s Briefing Book — just launched on Obama’s Change.gov web site.  Here you can log on and provide ideas to the new administration on any issue, as well as comment, build and vote on the ideas of others.  The site will collect the ideas that rise to the top via the “wisdom of the crowd” and be presented to the President in a Citizen’s Briefing Book.  This method for filtering ideas or other content is already well established in social media, with Dell IdeaStorm, My Starbucks Idea and Digg being some well-known examples.

It’s great to see President-Elect Obama continue to explore the potential of communities and social media beyond the campaign, now employing web 2.0 tools to enable citizens’ voices and ideas truly to be heard and to continue to energize people and make them a part of the change his campaign espoused and the country so desperately needs.

Yes WE can.


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  1. This is very cool. Thanks for telling us about it, Steve! I’ll definitely check it out.

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