The “Conversation” curfuffle

Brian Oberkirch recently blogged about how overused, and misused, the concept of online conversation has become. LikeItMatters, “A little less conversation,” July 9th, 2008 I wouldn’t get so hung up on this. I can understand that it feels like the word has been bandied about to death in the fishbowl of the social media, online pundit-o-sphere. But there’s a much bigger world out there populated by brand managers, marketing directors and communications officers who don’t have an inkling about any of this. Of course conversation without context is meaningless. But if “conversation” is the catchword that gets the CMO’s of traditional “command and control” (another catch phrase everyone may be sick of) old school, mass marketing organizations to begin recognizing that something is happening out there that may require them to think differently about how they communicate, then please — keep using the “C” word. Shout it from the mountain tops! The fact that many of the social-media aware are fed up with it is a probably a positive sign that it’s finally making its way beyond the fishbowl.



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3 responses to “The “Conversation” curfuffle

  1. Sue

    Hello there Steve!
    Looking forward to your soapbox. You’re on my blogroll. I am only firing on one cylinder at the moment so no clever comment this time but I’m sure it will come.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Congrats on the new blog! Will you be posting more of your thoughts on life in Germany as well?

    Keep it up!
    –Ryan Jones

  3. Stephen Rothman

    I don’t know Ryan. Thoughts on life in Germany are a bit “of equity” for this blog. Maybe I’ll start another one!

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